Who We Are

METAL SERVICES Group developed over the years around the main laboratory METAL SERVICES MATERIALS TESTING SRL (Ltd) in RONCHI DEI LEGIONARI (GORIZIA - ITALY).

  • 1989 - METAL SERVICES MATERIALS TESTING was established
  • 1997 - The laboratory was relocated in the current area in RONCHI DEI LEGIONARI (GORIZIA - ITALY).
  • 2009 - The Laboratory SOZHOU METAL SERVICES Co. Ltd was founded (CHINA)
  • 2014 - LAB.MET. SRL (Ltd), Accredited Testing Laboratory in MANIAGO (PORDENONE - ITALY), was acquired
  • 2014 - Accreditation of METAL SERVICES MATERIALS TESTING SRL (Ltd)
  • 2015 - Opening of the Non Destructive Testing company NDT SERVICES SRL (Ltd) (ITALY)
  • 2017 - METAL SERVICES MATERIALS TESTING offers the new service criogenic treatments (min -196°C)
  • 2017 - LAB.MET. adds to its services the verification of residual stresses through strain gauges
  • 2018 - LAB.MET. buy an x-ray diffractometer to verify Residual Austenite
  • 2018 - METAL SERVICES MATERIALS TESTING expands its laboratories in Ronchi dei Legionari the new building is 1400 square meters

All the companies of the Group are characterized by high dynamism and excellent performance: from application feasibility analysis request to the offer phase, from samples receipt to the release of the Final Report.

METAL SERVICES departments

Each laboratory has an internal department for mechanical workings.

The department for the mechanical testing is equipped with testing instrumentation for tests according to the national or international standards (ISO or ASTM American regulations) with the possibility to analyse materials at different temperatures (tensile testing of metallic materials at temperatures higher than room temperature, impact tests and determination of the Fracture Appearance Transition Temperature FATT, bending and compression tests according to customer specifications).

The metallographic investigations departmnet uses the latest technology and technical know how to properly and timely evaluate the samples under analysis. The main activities of the department are: investigation on thermal treatment, metallographic characterisation  of materials and structures, mechanical or corrosion failure.

Over the years we have developed an important chemical department that daily supports all the characterization materials activities (spectrometric testings through solid OES, analysis by wet with ICP, determination C/S, GAS O/N), food tests (M.O.C.A.), as well as an important and outstanding department for corrosion testing (salt spray testing, climatic chamber and moisture chamber testing, testing with controlled Temperature and Umidity, cyclic testing, Stress Corrosion testing, testing in KESTERCICH Si SO2 atmosphere, intergranular corrosion tests, accelerated on stainless steels (STRASS, HUEY), SSC Test (NACE TM 0177 and TM 0284), G48, ASTM A923, etc.

All tests are performed according to national or international standards, internal methods developed by the laboratory itself or according to the specifications of the customer, customer technical document, etc.

In addition to the formerly mentioned wide rage of services the Laboratory offers:

  • training activities on metallurgy, welding and non-destructive testing, for the qualifying examination ISO 9712 (method VT, PT, MT, UT, UT, Thickness Measurement and RT).
  • technical support and consulting on processes and products. Thanks to the experience of the technical personnel and staff, METAL SERVICES guarantees support for the implementation of quality management system ISO 9001, EN 1090-1, 1090-2 and ISO 3834.
From the Laboratory ... to Non Destructive Testing

The Group brand NDT SERVICES operates with qualified and certified personnel  1st and 2nd Level according to ISO 9712 and SNT TC1A and qualified personnel in welding IWE and IWT. Performs non-destructive control activities and inspections on the field to monitor the contracts with control plans in the short/medium/long term: monitoring of the welds and of the staff engaged in their execution, monitoring of the work progress, monitoring of the tests and personnel for their execution.

The Group ... in China

Since 2009 the METAL SERVICES Group is on the Chinese market. In fact, following the many demands of Italian clients, a service of expediting and providers search has been activated at primary level. A testing laboratory has been established to support the fore mentioned services, which includes its own machine shop for internal activities like mechanical testing, chemical analysis, corrosion, metallography and failure analysis. 

METAL SERVICES Group benefits Certifications and Accreditations specific to each site for its activities: the quality is based on customers needs and market demand.