Weld Qualification / Certification 
  1. Qualification of manual and automatic welding procedures (WPS Welding Procedure Specification and WPQR Welding Procedure Qualification Record)
  2. Qualification of Brazing Procedure Specification BPS 
  3. Qualification of welders & brazers & welding operator (welding licences for welders, brazers and welding operators)
    1. WQ Welder Approval Test Certificate Licence for Manual Welder UNI EN ISO 9606 - Licence for Welding Operator according to EN ISO 14732 -
    2. BQ Licence for Brazer UNI EN ISO 13585.

Inspection and tests (PQR or WPQR) are carried out internally:

  • Non Destructive Tests on joint
  • Mechanical Tests traction, resilience and bending with internal machining of all the specimens
  • Macrographic investigations and seams hardness
  • Evaluation of WPS welding procedure and BPS brazing procedure

The application of European standards such as ISO 15614, ISO 15613 for several sectors such as construction (EN 1090 and ISO 3834), rail (EN 15085), naval, PED, etc. or international standards (e.g. ASME and AWS) leads to the qualification of welding procedures such as:

  • 111 Metal-arc welding with covered electrode MMA
  • 114 Flux-cored wire metal-arc welding without gas shield FCAW-NG
  • 121 Submerged arc welding with wire electrode SA
  • 131 Metal-arc inert gas welding MIG
  • 135 Metal-arc active gas welding MAG
  • 136 Flux-cored wire metal-arc welding with active gas shield FCAW-AG
  • 137 Flux-cored wire metal-arc welding with inert gas shield FCAW-IG
  • 141 Tungsten inert gas arc welding TIG
  • 151 Plasma arc welding PAW
  • 751 Laser beam welding LBW
  • 76 Electron beam welding EBW

Performs non-destructive control activities, welding qualification and inspections on the field to monitor the contracts with control plans in the short/medium/long term: monitoring of the welds and of the staff engaged in their execution, monitoring of the work progress, monitoring of the tests and personnel for their execution.

Download the complete list of the activities done in the Welding Dept (with Non Destructive Tests Dept).

Access this URL (http://www.metalservices.it/attachments/article/22/WELD_Gruppo%20MS_Rev01.pdf)Welding[ ]101 kB