Mechanical Testing

Metallic Materials - Mechanical Tests

Mechanical tests are carried out for a correct and complete classification of materials as well as to investigate about the proper execution of production processes, heat treatment, inspection and verification of welding, welding and qualification of welders, brazers and welding operators.

All the specimens are made at the workshop of the laboratory.

Tensile Tests are carried out at room temperature (RT) or at elevated temperature.

  • Tensile test at Room Temperature (ISO 6892-1, ASTM E8/E8M, ASTM A370)
  • Tensile test at elevated temperature (TMax +800°C) (ISO 6892-2, ASTM E21)
  • Tensile test according to Customer Specifications

Impact Tests (Charpy pendulum impact test) are carried out at room temperature or at different temperatures to assess the transition curve "FATT"

  • Charpy pendulum impact test (Room Temperature RT - T=-196°C) (ISO 148-1, ASTM E23, UNI EN ISO 9016)
  • Charpy pendulum impact test: lateral expansion + % Share (ISO 148-1, ASTM E23, UNI EN ISO 9016)

 Hardness tests & micro hardness test 

  • Brinell, Vickers Rockwell Hardness (ISO 6506-1, ISO 6507-1, ISO 6508-1, ASTM E10,  ASTM E384, ASTM E18)
  • Hardness Test On Site with Portable Hardness Tester
  • Hominy Test (to measurement the hardenability of a ferrous alloy)

Bend tests and/or compression & Other mechanical test.

  • Deflection Test, Fracture Test, Bending Test
  • Compression Test
  • Crush On Tube Test
  • Jominy Test

Download the complete list of the activities done in the Mechanical Testing Dept.

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