Corrosion - Environment Simulation

Metal samples with or without coating are subjected to corrosion tests using the physical simulation of highly corrosive environments in order to obtain information related to "corrosion resistance". The tests show the differences that different materials, processes, treatments and coatings have on the development of corrosion on the surface of the tested materials. rooms available for this type of test.

  • NSS Test - Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSS) - Reference Standard ISO 9227, ASTM B117 or Customer Specifications
  • AASS Test - Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test (AASS) - Reference Standard ISO 9227 or Customer Specifications 
  • CASS Test - Copper Accelerated Salt Spray Test (CASS) - Reference Standard ISO 9227 or Customer Specifications 
  • Salt spray cyclic test (e.g. ASTM G85 Method A4)
  • Resistance to Humidity (ISO 6270, DIN 50017)
  • Climatic chamber test on customer specifications (T min = -40  -  T Max = +150°C)
  • Kesternich Test (ISO 6988, DIN 50018)
  • SWAAT Test Analisys (ASTM G85 Method A3)
  • Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
  • Cross Cut Test
  • Salt water and weather-resistance test (sea-fog test)

The evaluation of the corrosion resistance is carried out by subjecting the materials in direct contact with chemical agents under conditions of temperature, humidity and exposure controlled and standardised (or Customer Specification). 

  • Corrosion ASTM A 262 Practice A, Practice C (Huey), Practice E (Strauss)
  • Corrosion DIN 50914
  • Corrosion ISO 3651-2
  • Corrosion ASTM A 923 Practice A, Practice C 22/25/40°C
  • Corrosion ASTM G34
  • Corrosion ASTM G48 Practice A 22/50°C
  • Corrosion ASTM G66
  • Corrosion ASTM G67
  • Corrosion Streicher According to ASTM G28 Practice A
  • Corrosion Streicher According to ASTM A262 Practice B and Practice F
  • SOHIC According to NACE TM 0103
  • SSC According to NACE TM 0177 at Ambient T/P Method A,B,C
  • HIC According to NACE TM 0284
  • Corrosion Failure Investigation
  • Climatic chamber test on customer specifications (-40/+150°C)

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