Chemical Analysis

Chemical Analysis on Metal Alloys

Chemicals analysis determines the composition of the material. The chemical composition of a metal alloy is the starting point for a right classification of the material itself. Quantitative chemical analysis is performed to accurately determine the concentration of elements in the material comprising a given sample.

A variety of analysis techniques are used for metals and alloys to determine the composition of the materials (to verify e.g. the conformance to a specification).

  • Wet Chemistry
  • Optical Emission Spectrometry (EOS)
  • Plasma Emission Spectrometry (ICP),
  • GAS:
    • Determination of Oxygen O
    • Determination of Nitrogen N
    • Determination of Hydrogen H
    • Determination of Carbon content C
    • Determination of Sulfur content S
  • X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF)

All tests are conducted into the laboratories of the Group with the possibility of chemical tests "on site" using a portable spectrometer.

  • Plasma ICP Analysis
  • Chemical Spectrometric Analysis (Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel)
  • Chemical Spectrometric Analysis (Cast Iron)
  • Chemical Spectrometric Analysis Al, Co, Cu, Ni, Sn, Ti, Zn Base Alloys
  • Determination C/S With (LECO)
  • Gas Determination In Metals N/O/H (LECO)
  • Chemical Analysis On Site (Portable Spectrometer)
Other Chemicals Test

These tests are required mainly by sectors such as the mechanical and automotive where verification of the presence of more or less fine particulate pollutants affect the performance of both the product and the kit or system in which the product is placed.

  • Test Contamination Gravimetric (Washing, Filtration and Particles Count)
Food contact compliance
  • Food Contact Compliance - Stainless Steel - According To Italian's Law DM 258, 21/12/2010
  • Food Contact Compliance - Aluminium - According To Italian's Law DM 76, 18/04/2007
  • Food Contact Compliance - Ferrous Alloys, Steel Low Bound, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron - According To UE REg. 1935/2004

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